Hello Multi-Passionate People (MVPs)!

Congratulations! You’ve chosen to lean-in, taking the next leap to cre8ting a happy and thriving multi-passionate life.

Hi, I’m Sky~ here to help you become the MVP of your best life, honing in on what it means to craft a beautiful, successful, and cre8tive life vision.

Here at cre8tivevisions, you'll discover a wide array of tools to help you cre8te an organized, prosperous life that has diverse priorities and goals. You'll find:

  • cre8tive ideas to help you juggle the many areas of expertise and bliss that you are drawn to
  • planning tools that can help you organize your multi-potential life
  • resources + tools to help you navigate the bumpy bits
  • BONUS: I’ll offer you spectacular options for exploring opportunities that may even gently push you outside of your comfort zone.

But before we get into all of that, let’s get to know each other a little more.

I, like you, am a multi-passionate person (or call it MVP for short: Multi-Valued Passionate). For years I’ve been living a spontaneous nomadic life that has taken me around the globe, exploring my bliss, searching for that ‘one thing' that was supposed to make my life complete and whole. But I never could quite put my finger on what that was. In the process, I’ve been labeled everything under the sun, from reckless procrastinator to a Hippie tree-hugging aimless wanderer. All mostly because I have chosen not to settle into the defined parameters of society’s ‘specialist mentality'.

SO with a deep breath, I decided to turn that limiting belief into a clear vision on what is important in life. I want to serve you! To help you discover the essence behind your own personal happiness and to finding your true north(s), no matter how many divergent paths it takes to get there!

How can I help you?