Multi-passionate person

Is this you? Are you an individual with multiple deep passions and interests?

Welcome to my world. I GET you! This is 110% me. And you are understood and valued.

I am here to help you soar through your daily life challenges, one cre8tive, courageous and organized step at a time!

Success is the residue of planning

– Benjamin Franklin

Are you struggling to find direction, having multiple amazing interests all vying for your attention?

Have a look around and discover the many tools on how to live your best multi-passionate life!

  • Download this free ‘Best Life’ checklist nurturing your self-care practices and rituals.
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  • Check out my Life Productivity Planner, loosely based on the principles first made popular by Hal Elrod’s book “Miracle Mornings”.
  • Find your balance, with my ‘Stay On Track’ Workbook-Journal


I’m Sky. A playful yogi who loves to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. EXCEPT when it comes to overwhelm. This is where I can sometimes struggle. Can you relate?

To meet the need of these challenges, I’ve cre8ted planners, journals, workbooks ++ to help manage the daily deluge with cre8tivity and ease.

My goal is to guide you in a journey towards achieving a more peaceful cre8tive life.

With these tools, you WILL begin the road towards conquering overwhelm.

One journal and planner entry at a time

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